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Active Geometry

January Intensive Workshop. From 23rd to 27th January at ETSAV. Registration deadline 20th January
Active Geometry

20 desembre 2016


Active Geometry

A unique special workshop between ETSAV and Illinois students, at the intersection of geometry, physics and engineering


ETSAV Metropolitan School of Architecture
From 23rd to 27th January. 35+25 hours. 2 ECTS
30 seats. 45€. Registration deadline 20th January
Enroll now at CCLAIA


The challenge is to produce universal solutions for doubly curved thin shells by efficient means by connecting and assembling elastic plywood plates with neither waste nor manufacturing difficulty. Through form-finding and procedural design the designer remain in a limbo from which is possible to achieve the definition of the final form through the use of language, topological singularities and material properties. Form generation through material properties.

CODA (Computational Design Affairs) based in CRITT at ETSAV, is a team inside LiTA research group operating amid research and consulting. The flexible team of architects and engineers, is focused in the generation of lightweight efficient systems by sustainable means, through digital and physical form-finding and computational design. The workshop will be driven by CODA associate partners Enrique Soriano, Pep Tornabell and Gerard Bertomeu.

At the end of the workshop participants will be able to:
Solve 3D puzzles
Build almost any surface with any element
Understand the origin of curvature
Recognize the principles underlying topology
Select appropriate strategies for solving shapes with equal parts

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