Portfolio construction & design

Qm Primavera 2014-2015

Qm Nivell Quadrimestral Núm. màxim d'estudiants
Idioma Prerequisits
T-P 7-10 30 Anglès

Codi Crèdits Distribució (T,P,L) Departament Tipus H/s treball estudiant
290175 3 (2,5 ECTS) L CA Opt 4

Dia Horari Núm. de setmanes
Dilluns (Monday) 16:00 - 19:00 10 setmanes

Professor responsable Marta Serra
Altres professors
Altres col·laboradors
Miguel Usandizaga
Lluïsa Amat, Pere Pau Soley, AAUPC


Learning of e-portfolio design and construction.
Learning of basic knowledge for the edition of graphic and written documents in the web.
Learning of search and use of information in the web.
Learning of fundamental conventions for university writting.
Learning of elemental procedures for the presentation of projects in the web.
Learning of criteria for curriculum vitae writing.
Practice of publishing and maintaining a web site.

Subject abstract

The mai aim of this course is allowing to build their own electronic portfolio. this portfolio has to include texts written following academic rules, projects and graphic material, as well as curriculum vitae. it has also to respect the questions of intellectual property and ethic use of information.

Resultats d'aprenentatge. En acabar l'assignatura l'estudiant ha de ser capaç de:

  • Know the structure of a website.
  • Know how to build, modify and maintain it.
  • Know how to find and use information in the web.
  • Know how to write academic papers.
  • Know how to present a project with a computer.
  • Know how to build your c.v.
  • Know how to design build and maintain a personal portfolio.


1 Presentation basic html 1. Building and modifying a website.
2 Basic HTML 2. Structuring a website.
3 Basic css. Using style sheets.
4 Portfolio. Design and construction.
5 Curriculum vitae.
6 Search and use of information in the web.
7 Writing at the university.
8 Academic papers.
9 Portfolio at the university.
10 Presentation and discussion of results.

Mètode d'avaluació

Based on portfolio.

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