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The drawing

Drawing layers and their properties

First of all, you must use a different layer for each type of cut (outside cut inner cutting and engraving). The layer thickness should be 0.00.Capes i propietats.jpg

The drawing cleaning.

You should also keep in mind that each line is a movement of the laser, so if you want to optimize the drawing we recomend you to do _PURGE _OVERKILL in your drawing in order to avoid double lines, which would represent a double pass of the laser for the same place and would slow the process.

We also recomend you to explode the blocks in the drawing, so you will ensure the layers operation we have established.

Base file.
Here we provide a base file where you can place your pieces along the lines explained. The file name, when you let it us in the workshop should be:
                                                              Base File