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Research and Knowledge Transfer Centre | CRITT

CRITT building 

The Escola Tècnica Superior d'Arquitectura del Vallès, ETSAV, runs its own Research and Knowledge Transfer Centre (CRITT) since 2006. Its purpose is to house cooperation programmes, research institutions and projects, as well as knowledge transfer agreements closely involved in the areas of expertise the school is focusing on, such as the sustainable environment, urban regeneration and architectural technology.

By means of this centre, the school underlines its commitment to foster innovation, territorial attachment and collaboration with public and private institutions, thus defining its own academic profile and positively affecting the quality of teaching.


M11. Centre d'Investigació Solar, CISOL, Torsten Masseck


M12. Les Golfes, Martina Fabré


M13. Laboratori d'Innovació i Tecnologia en l'Arquitectura, LITA, Joan Lluís Zamora


M14. Taller 11, Sara Ferran


M15, M16. La Politja / Cíclica, Elena Albareda


M17, M18. La Politja / ArqBag, Jordi Mitjans


M19. Computational Design Affairs, CODA, Gerard Bertomeu


M20. Projectes: Tècnica i Organització, PROTO, Lluís Ortega i Amadeu Santacana


M21. Màster en Desenvolupament Urbà i Territorial, MDUT, Carles Llop


M22. La Politja / Pol·len edicions, Aida de Prada, Mar Carrera i Jordi Panyella


          La Politja / La Sembra, Aida de Prada, Mar Carrera i Jordi Panyella



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