How to submitt your master's thesis

for MISMeC students, to be avaluated by the master's thesis tribunal

General information

In order to submitt your master thesis you must register it in 2 ways:

  • registration in ATENEA TFE
  • registration in e-secretaria

It is MANDATORY to do both registrations.


How register the master's thesis

Registration in ATENEA TFE

According to the calendar the manager will activate the registration data and you will be able to proceed to register your thesis.

You can submitt modifications and new versions of your thesis, but only until the thesis is validated. At the moment your thesis tutor validates the thesis you will no longer be able to submitt new versions.

IMPORTANT: Don't forget to check the box of the responsible statement about your original authorship and the correct citation of the information sources.


Registration in e-secretaria

Enter your e-secretaria, section "Projects"

Check that all general data of your thesis are correct ("Diposit Data")

Go to "Projects Diposit"

Fill in the required fiels (Language, Key Words, etc) and SAVE