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How to request your diploma?

for MISMeC students

General information

Once approved your master thesis you will be able to request your master's diploma and the SET (Diploma Supplement)


How to request your diploma

1.- Make a tiquet in DEMANA ETSAV (Secretaria Acadèmica) telling you want to request your master's diploma.

2.- The administrative office checks that everything is correct, if it isn't, the office sends a mail explaining the reasons.

3.- When everything is correct, administrative office sends to the student the form and the instructions in order to continue with the process. If it is necessary the office sends the payment form, too.

4.- At this point you will have to:

  • validate the data of the request form
  • pay via e-secretaria
  • submitt the request form in Seu Electrònica, attaching to the request a copy of your ID card and the signed request form (it can be a scanned document or a electronically signed document)

Beware, the data of the diploma will be those contained in the ID card you attached.


It can take 2 years until you recieve the physical diploma. Meanwhile you can request a certification.