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Do you want to study architecture?

Why to study architecture at ETSAV



Because you can design and carry out academic projects from the first day, and  you’ll have a syllabus  whose main characteristic is to implement the  subject of “ Architecture Workshop and Designing  (TAP)” , which is the core of the school teaching practice and teaching space which set  differents backgrounds knowledge .
You’ll be offered internships in companies, businesses and public institutions related to the world of architecture,due to  the School solid reputation for training its students  concerning technology fields.
You’ll be 40 minutes from central Barcelona by train
Moreover, you’ll enjoy tutorials and individualised teaching procedures  because of the ratio that we have.
The mission statement of our school consists  of achieving the best tuition and education based upon attitudes and study habits. A school where students and lecturers provide knowledge and it is also linked to the social and territorial environment.   
A school concerned about habitability and sustainability issues.
It is relevant to highlight that tuition is focused on real topics that are also debated and discussed within the different academic interests.
To sum up : we would be more than glad to meet you and you’ll know who we are and what we do.

Our academic syllabus.
  • It covers  330 ECTS credits.
  • They are divided into 10 semestres plus a Final Project
  • Integrated education in Architecture and Projects Studios (TAP).
  • Small groups of students per class (laboratory classes the average number of students per group is 25).
  • Continuous assessment.
  • Wide range of elective subjects.
  • Updated technical aids.
  • Professional training and internships .
  • Exchange programs with other Spanish and foreign universities.
Our singularities:
Model Workshop .Where to learn and make models made of various materials.
Coderch  Archive
Cisol  -   Solar Energy Research Unit