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Model workshop

The services of the model workshop are offered to ETSAV students and teachers
Models: 24 hours space

ETSAV students have a workspace open 24 hours and equipped with basic tools and machinery for the realization of theirmodels. There, they have the relevant tools such as scroll saws, saw temperature, jigsaw, disc sander or band, drill pressesand vacuum.

Formation and advising the student

The student may consult on the most suitable material for making models, different construction systems and gluingtechniques. Also, the ETSAV offersfree election subject as "plaster models" in order to deepening in the treatment of thismaterial.

Laser and 3D cutting and engraving

The laser cutting and engraving service is aimed at students, teachers and school staff, and also external entities. It involves cutting and engraving of pieces using any material. This last semester has just started the 3D service 
which allows printing 3D prototypes generated from CAD files.

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