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Working Environment

The working environment consists of the ITC elements within reach of school support staff and students to communicate and log in the information systems.
Customer service
The customer service is where all the information about how to use the services that CCLaia offers to the ETSAV community may be found, as well as the place to manage troube reports and suggestions.
Workstation Configuration and Maintenance
The service of configuration and maintenance of teaching and management computers gives support to their Internet access, navigation, e-mail access, access to information systems, and looks after they are ready to perform standard office automation tasks.
Standard Software Support
We help users with any query about standard office automation in a personal way.
E-mail, mailing lists and mailboxes for groups
Communication via e-mail is part of the working environment. This service looks after the processing of requests and inquiries, and the solving of any requests that may occur in these comunications.
Voice and Data Networking
We take care of the users to have telephony, land and/or mobile line, and network connection, with or without wire. Voice and data network is another of the elements provided in the working environment. Incidents and registrations or discharges are managed by CCLAIA together with UPCnet, offering a direct support to the user.
File repositories
We offer disk space to users, working teams and/or existing activities to share documents, accessible as network drives (Windows) or from browser. As part of the work environment, users can store documents generated in a network space so that they can be still in case they change their workstation and/or browser. They can also share document with working teams where they belong and activities in which they take part.