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Practical information


Adress: Pere Serra st, 1-15
08173 Sant Cugat del Vallès





1. Take the train FGC  
(Take either S-1 Terrassa, S-2 Sabadell or S-55 Universitat Autònoma)

2. Get off at Sant Cugat stop and exit through the back side of the station (opposite platform). You will then be in Carrer Andana.

3. Head north on Carrer Andana.

4. Once you reach the bridge turn right and continue on Avinguda del Carril.

5. At the roundabout, take the first exit to the left and stay on Avinguda del Carril.
6. Turn right on to Carrer Pere Serra.
7. ETSAV will be on the left.



In our university, we have a Student dormitories service, is under a private cotrol but with a university agreement so you can have acces with our acceptation e-mail, if you prefer to live in a shared or private flat, you can find them on internet, be careful with different frauds and if it's possible, never pay in advanced before checking the room!