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News - COVID mesures

News for Incoming students

Check al the information about mesures and protocols to contain COVID-19 in the UPC


Orientation week (OW):
The UPC offers an orientation week for those of you who would like to attend. The OW will take place on September 2nd to September 6th in Barcelona. If you wish to enrol, please check for further information and procedures here.
The number of places is limited and the deadline for application is July 16th.
IMPORTANT! If you cannot attend the OW, you MUST visit OMI-Barcelona the very first days after your arrival, in order to get all necessary orientation regarding your stay and mandatory legal bueaucracy

Catalan and Spanish courses:
You can find information about Catalan and Spanish courses. We strongly recommend you consider them, since the languages in which couses are taught in ETSAV are, by relevance order, Catalan, Spanish and then English.

Spring semester students:
For students who wish to come at the ETSAV as exchange students in February 2018, the next application deadline will be the 15th of November. You can read further information about: 

- Application procedures
- Subjects available at the ETSAV