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Academic information

Syllabus of the Bachelor's degree in Architecture

For the compulsory items, you have more information in english language here (check "Curriculum").

Application procedure:

1.-Check if your university has some partnership with ours, if it's not and your university is interested, please, don't hesitate to 

2.- Nomination at your univesity (all programmes requires this step to ensure that you past all requirements there).

3.- Nomination by your International coordinator (We won't accept any nominationi if it's not by an official position).

4.- Acceptation Letter (E-mail sending, we don't send any paper letter, only for necessary prupposes).

5.- Application (Online application, here you'll need to upload some necessary information).

6.- Wait for the answer (If some step is not correct or we need something else, we'll contact you, we won't forget you!).

Aplication procedure GUIDE


Credit Transfer and Grade Equivalence